Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Site Features and Organization

Troop 194's website and email system is used to communicate with Scouts, Parents, and Scout Leaders. You’ll find lots of useful information about the Troop and Troop activities.  You can sign up on line for access to member-only content by clicking "Login" then "Register" from top right.    Enter at least a username, e-mail and password and click on the Send Registration button. Your account should be approved via e-mail within 24 hours. After approval and logging in, you will have access to troop roster information, you can create your own photo albums to share, and you now have access to our online forums.

If you have any problems with the website you can e-mail our Webmaster at   Here is a brief outline of the site features and organization.   Note that some pages listed are only visible or accessible to registered users and/or users in the "staff" user role.

  • Calender: a list of all upcoming troop events, such as meetings, camp outs, service projects, etc.   Events can be configured to allow email reminders and/or registration "sign up".   See the "Help" forum for info on how to add new events.
  • Documents:  A repository of checklists, forms and manuals to support troop operations.  See the "Help" forum for info on how to add new documents.
  • Gallery:  only visible to registered users.  the gallery is a collection of "albums" containing photos of scouts and activities.   See the "Help" section of the forum for details on how to contribute to the gallery
  • Scout Tools
    • Forum:  a bulletin board system allows public discussion of patrol, events, or general discussion, and a place to post meeting minutes and technology FAQs. Email notification of new threads or replies is available by checking the box at the bottom of the forum or thread, allowing for a group of scouts interested in a topic to remain informed of new information.
  • ​Staff Tools
    • Broadcast email:  (staff only)  Allows authorized users to send a message to all users or a specific user "role" such as Staff
    • User Maintenance:   Staff members have the ability to create, authorize and delete user accounts.   This page is also a place from which staff can assign roles to user accounts.
    • Site Tree:  This graphical user interface (GUI) displays the website as a tree similar to MS Windows.  From here, a knowledgeable staff member can add, update and reorganize the pages of the website.
  • Mobile:  This menu item is required to be in the main menu and visible in order to access the site's mobile device interface

if you have questions on how to use or modify any section of our website, please check the "Help" forum.  If your question is not answered then please post your question there or email the administrator(s) or webmaster(s)