Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Scout Cash - How it works

It’s pretty simple, really. Those Scouts who participate in the most activities, earn Merit Badges, and advance in rank get the most Scout-Cash dollars to bid with, and usually wind up with the best “prizes”. You’ll start earning Scout-Cash at your first meeting!

10 = Troop Meetings
15 = PLCs
60 = Annual Planning Conference
Troop Outings
10 = 1 Day (Day Hikes, Day Activities)
25 = 2-3 Day (Most Campouts)
75 = Week (Summer Camp)
150 = Week + (Philmont or Northern Tier)
Service Projects
10 = Gleneagle Cleanup, Red Kettle Day (minor)
50 = Gleneagle Fun Run (major)
150 = Cub Scout Day Camp (multi-day)
Leadership Positions
200 = SPL
150 = ASPL/Scribe/QM
100 = Other Troop Position
50 = Patrol Leader
Rank Advancement
50 = Each Advancement
200 = Eagle
Merit Badges
25 = Non-Eagle Required
50 = Eagle Required
Wreath Sales - 10% of sales
25 = Scoutmaster Award - Good Scout Conduct
30 = Patrol Competition 1st Place
20 = Patrol Competition 2nd Place
10 = Patrol Competition 3rd Place
Scout Incentive Program (aka “Scout-Cash”)
Troop 194 has developed an incentive program called “Scout-Cash” (this is not the same as the Scout Account). The program encourages the boys to be active Scouts. Every Troop activity has a Scout-Cash value associated with it. See Table below for the Scout-Cash values associated with different activities and events.

The Troop keeps track of each Scout’s participation and progress. At the end of each calendar year, we hold an auction as part of the Troop holiday party. Each Scout uses the Scout-Cash earned through the year to bid on special items that the Troop purchases specifically for this event.

The real Costs of Scouting

Membership dues: Registration and membership dues for the Troop are $80.00 a year, paid in January, for each Scout. For Scouts transferring in from a Pack or another Troop, dues are prorated depending on when you join. For Crossover Scouts coming into the Troop in March the first year dues are $50.50 ($41.40 if you already receive Boy’s Life), which should be paid to the Troop Treasurer, Bob Pierce, at your first meeting. Annual dues go for BSA registration, Boys Life magazine (1 per family), Colorado Search and Rescue contribution, and Troop expenses such as awards, adult registrations, and equipment.
Uniform Costs

Scout Field (Class A) Uniform
Shirt (short sleeve) ~$32.50
Shirt (long sleeve) ~$35.00
Required Patches ~$10
Pants (long) ~$45.00
Pants (shorts) ~$40.00
Scout Belt ~$6.50
Scout Hat ~$11.80
Troop Activity Uniforms
Dri-release t-shirts $15.25
Polos $16.25
Hoodies $19.25
Youth Sweatshirts $13.25
Adult Sweatshirts $27.00

Other Expenses: One time cost (depending on how fast your son grows) is purchase of Scout uniforms. Typical cost of uniforms is listed in the tables above. Other costs include fees for events, campout food, and transportation. The Troop schedules at least one campout per month, and typically these outings cost from $15.00 - $50.00, depending on event, food, and transportation costs. This year’s summer camp registration is about $275.

Scout Accounts (Real Money): The Troop Treasurer sets up an account for each Scout. Costs of events such as for food on a campout or fees for an activity will be deducted from your Scout account balance. A portion of the money earned from our annual Christmas Wreath sale will go into the Scout’s scout account. Scout account balances are emailed out periodically by the Treasurer and are available on the Restricted Area of the web site, showing your account balance as of a certain date. Scouts are expected to keep a positive (“non-negative”) balance in order to participate in Scout events.