Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Medical Releases, Permission Forms, and Tour Permits
Can’t do anything these days without proper paper work. Before any Scout or adult can attend any event held away from our primary meeting locations they are required to have completed Part A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record (once per year) and event permission forms (for each event) on file with the Troop. These forms will allow the Scout Leaders to be aware of any medical conditions and to administer first aid or transport for emergency medical treatment. Parental permission via telephone will most likely be required by hospitals to administer treatment in any non-life threatening situations.

Summer Camp and High Adventure Camps require Scouts and Adult participants to have complete Part C of the Annual Health and Medical Record which requires a physical and a doctor’s signature. All forms are available on the Troop web site. Some camps dictate the form that must be used for their camp.

Tour permits are required for all trips away from our normal meeting place. Information regarding Drivers License, number of seat belts, and insurance information is required for all drivers. All Scouts are required to wear seat belts whenever traveling in automobiles.