Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Character Counts

Every journey begins with the first step.

Boy Scout Troop 194 is located in northern Colorado Springs.  Our lodge facility is located north of Baptist Rd in the town of Monument. We welcome new scouts at any time of the year

Use the "Contact Us" form to send an email about your interest in joining, or explore our site for more information about Pack 194.   Be aware that access to some areas of the site are limited to registered scouts, parents and Troop leadership.
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Northern Tier Information - Monday, November 17, 2014


Northern Tier

A new page has been added to the web site with information on our 2015 high adventure trip to Northern Tier. 

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Five Percent of your King Soopers Purchase!Five Percent of your King Soopers Purchase! - Friday, October 3, 2014
Get a King Soopers card and Troop 194 receives 5% of your purchase! read more ...
Going Mobile. - Monday, September 22, 2014
Visit this site from your smart phone or mobile device!   Calendar, Broadcast and Forum are supported while you are on the go!! 
Upcoming Events
Event StartTitle
11/27/2014 Thanksgiving Holiday
11/28/2014 7:00 AM DEADLINE for Scout Ski Day release forms and payment
11/28/2014 10:00 AM Enrollment enabled Lodge Clean Up & Holiday Decorating
12/2/2014 7:00 PM Recurring Event: until 12/1/2015 (total 45 events) PLC Meeting
12/2/2014 7:00 PM High Priority Winter Court of Honor
12/6/2014 Scout Ski Day at Copper Mountain
12/9/2014 7:00 PM Recurring Event: until 9/15/2015 (total 156 events) Troop Meeting
12/13/2014 8:00 AM Scout Ski Days at Copper Mountain
12/16/2014 6:00 PM Holiday Party
12/16/2014 7:00 PM Recurring Event: until 9/15/2015 (total 156 events) Troop Meeting